Overdue Sunday Questions

I know I let this feature fall by the wayside for awhile, but I thought I would catch up on the questions I have gotten since last time:

Would love to see a photo of your cock head, focusing a super close-up on the meatus with cum oozing out if it. Can you do it ?
- Like this one?

Try one looking up at your balls and bum framed by a toilet seat. A wooden toilet seat. Lots of hair and a CLEAN bottom.
- I like this idea. I'm growing my hair out now, as soon as I come across a wooden toilet seat I'll set it up. Is my bottom not clean in any of my photos?

How did you get your meatotomy? Self done?
About 6 years ago I had a Prince Albert piercing. I loved it and showed it off all the time, but I also always wanted it bigger. Eventually I stretched it up to this 2 ga barbell. It looked great, but it was too heavy and slowly I developed a third hole in my cock. In this photo from the archives you can see the two rods going through my piercing hole, a single one going through the third hole, and one going in my urethra:

As you can see, the skin separating the "third hole" from my urethra was quite thin. I could have just stopped wearing a piercing and left it that way, but I kept wearing it, knowing that a meatotomy would be the end result. One day while I was swimming in the pool I felt a little snap and I knew what had happened. I went back in the house and snapped a picture:

I didn't really hurt, and I've had a meatotmy ever since.

Hi Craig, beautifull photo the glans close up, wanna ask if you could do the same photo but with the frenulum part in focus, since I love to see the part that you have the meatotomy.
- You must like the above photo then, I think I'll do a recent one in b&w though.

Keep the questions coming...

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